About Us

Here at Mojave Pure we endeavor to provide a natural, earth based resource for the renewal and rejuvenation of the human body, digestive system and skin. Our digestive system is practically another brain. It reacts to things which we consume before our brain has the opportunity to. It protects us. And together all of our organs work [very hard!] to keep our bodies safe from toxins. We live in a chemical heavy environment. Everything we are surrounded with from pesticides on our produce to cleaning products in our homes to radiation coming from our phones and metals in some waters has a potential to tax the body beyond it’s natural capacity for renewal.

This is where Mojave Pure comes in. We recognize it’s not possible for everyone to live on a mountain outside of exposure to various dangerous elements in our world. But we believe the natural world can supplement and support our health and wellness. One of the ways this is possible is through the cleansing power of calcium bentonite clay. 

Mojave Pure calcium bentonite clay comes straight from the center of the earth resourced from a volcanic mine in the middle of one of the hottest places on this planet. Because of the heat of up to 134 F it is naturally sun-dried (meaning it is not irradiated). It is a Montmorillonite clay which has a drawing power of 33 times its weight and an alkaline pH of 9.7. What this means is that the clay has the ability to act as a catalyst to improve nutrient assimilation. It both absorbs and adsorbs free radicals, toxins, pathogens, metabolic waste, bacteria and heavy metals from the body setting the stage for optimal health and wellness. 


Mojave Pure calcium bentonite clay is highly charged with negative ions. What this means is that while dry clay is inert but once it is activated via hydration (water H2O) it begins to attract positive ions. The clay will not be absorbed by the body but it will attract impurities and other toxins which will then be eliminated through the bodies natural processes. Because it is a volcanic ash rich in trace minerals the process of its interaction with the body encourages stimulation, transformation, detoxification and transmission of energy that helps to speed cellular rejuvenation. We know it sounds wild but read some of our many testimonials to hear from individual experiences. 


We want you to live your best life. To be able to trust your body and feel powerful. Not one thing can give these feelings of health and wellness to you. We are not an answer. But we would like to join you on a journey by offering a supplement to a healthy lifestyle and an alternative to some solutions which have a chemical basis and heavy side effects. We believe that at its stasis the body is ideal for this world. It knows what to do. Just like you do. Cleansing the body of elements which nature did not intend for it is a way to return to a solid and grounded natural basis. 

We want to enable our consumers to live their healthiest lives. We want you to feel as strong as you possibly can in whatever stage of life you are in. You deserve it. Let nature take its course. Trust the earth.